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How to Make More Time for Gaming

Optimizing a time management system is an excellent way to maintain or boost your productivity. It enables you to get more things done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Making use of time management strategies that work for you can help you manage your time so that you can focus more on doing the things that matter to you. Here’s a look to some of the best known time management systems and how you can maximize them to improve daily productivity.

Getting Things Done (GTD)

The GTD system, created by David Allen, utilizes a five-step approach to increasing productivity. It involves collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing, and doing tasks utilizing a workflow that allows for greater control of the things you need to accomplish. It focuses more on maintaining control and perspective on your project of task lists.

When used properly, GTD can help you keep track of the things you need to do, ought to do, and consider doing. Understanding the system and optimizing time management tools to make it work for you frees your subconscious mind of constantly monitoring everything that you need to do. This enables you to focus more on productive pursuit instead of stressing yourself out trying to keep track of current, pending, and planned projects.


Pomodoro Technique

This time management system makes use of a Pomodoro kitchen timer or mimics the principle behind the use of such tool. Setting the timer for 25 minutes, you work continuously on tasks until the allotted time is finished. The goal is to work non-stop and not to allow any distractions interrupt you from what you need to do. After completing the 25-minute tasks, you take a break for 5 minutes before resuming. You repeat the process until the fourth session. After which, you can take a break of up to 40 minutes before resuming the process.

You can maximize your pomodoro sessions by keeping track of how you use your work time and the corresponding results each session yields. You can then use the information to make improvements or adjustments if necessary. Keeping track of your performance and productivity likewise can give you a good idea of what distractions you need to manage to avoid interruptions in your work.

Zen to Done (ZTD)

Zen to Done is somewhat similar to the GTD time management system. However, it is more focused on keeping things simple. It aims to change habits one at a time instead of simultaneously, which simplifies the process. The goal is to simplify tasks so you can better organize and manage your time.

Maximizing Time Management Tips and Systems that Work For You

Time management skills are essential in achieving and improving productivity so you can do more of the things you need to accomplish. Developing the skills is important in reaching your lifelong goals. It enables you to focus on the essentials. It likewise improves your ability to manage your time so you can become more efficient and effective in accomplishing tasks or projects. Thankfully, there are several time management tips you can follow and systems you can explore to find a technique that works for your best.

How to Be a Pro Gamer

Being a professional gamer takes time and patience. For heavy gamers, a game isn’t just a game, but a part of their life. Dreaming of becoming a pro gamer in the future?

That’s awesome! But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. To help you develop and strengthen your gaming skills, let’s tackle and find out how to be a pro gamer!

Pick The Right Game


Like Shooting Demons? This is Your Best Bet.

Pick a game that you’ll never tired of playing. Playing a game that you find boring won’t help you concentrate at all. Find a game that you love spending lots of time with.

Also, a game that suits your playing style and ability! If you got great reflexes, first-person shooting games will be your best bet.

Know The Objectives

Lots of people missed this point.

Some people tend to just play and missed out the main objectives of the game. You can’t win without knowing the objective of the game. So, before you fight and travel on a gaming quest, don’t forget the objectives!

Play with Pro Gamers

Playing with other skilled gamers could be difficult at first. But they will help you achieve the status of a pro gamer!

Once you understand how they play the game, you’ll learn more tips and tricks that will improve your gaming knowledge and ability. It would take a time to catch up with them, but it’ll be worth it!

To be the best, you gotta beat the best. Always remember that.


Don’t be tired hearing this generic stuff. Practice really helps!

Having regular practice is essential for you to be skilled enough to be a pro gamer. Provide time and practice a lot during free time. You can practice with your friend to keep the gameplay more exciting! Once you understand everything about the game, winning the game will be easier!

This guide can be your way to be a better gamer. Let’s proceed on a quest together! Being a pro gamer is a long journey. It can’t be done instantly! But with these helpful tips, being a pro gamer will be possible in no time!

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