What to Expect from PSN

PlayStation Network is the ultimate service that maximizes online gaming in the best way possible. Since its launch in November of 2006, it never ceased to be on top. Thus, the years have made it even more powerful in the PlayStation gaming world. PSN has surpassed the standards of digital media. Sony Entertainment Network is simply amazing for making it stand as the most comprehensive and premier service and digital brand for entertainment.

A country where PSN is official and available will have the access its perks. The availability of PSN is one important expectation for the rest of the anticipation to be experienced. A premier digital entertainment is this big. Surely in time, more extensions will be developed.

What is there to Expect?

PSN is a whole new level of entertainment designed for everyone’s enjoyment and satisfaction. Through its service, PlayStation consoles and systems are well extended. Here are what you can expect from PSN:

  • PlayStation Plus

With PlayStation Plus from PSN, you can immediately start playing with Instant Game Collection. It allows you to have access to the next generation of online multiplayers on your PS4. Aside from that, you can also discover the world where you can interact with your co-gamers you can challenge and play with. Expect that PlayStation Plus will let you explore your gaming abilities.

  • PlayStation Music

Spotify is now on PlayStation Music! Users can now listen to millions of in-demand and latest songs from different artists. The music can be controlled on PS3, PS4, mobile phones or tablets via Spotify Connect. Users will enjoy playing with their PS4 console while listening to awesome in-game background music from PlayStation Music.

  • PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store allows users and members to pre-order latest games or pre-load them. They never have to wait for them to be able to play it. PSN Store is now giving them the chance for early access. They can add games with DLC to watch the best movies and watch TV blockbuster hits, exclusive interviews and TV season passes. The Free codes for PSN Can be found at this generator.

  • PlayStation Blog

PSN has an online gaming blog. This is an online PlayStation. It was launched in June of 2007. The regular content of PlayStation blog are game announcements, store updates and developer interviews. The blog has a sub-site—PlayStation.Blog Share—it allows users to send their ideas; just anything about PlayStation and the PlayStation team will be receiving their submissions. Users can also vote other submitted ideas.

  • Blogcast
  • PlayStation Blogcast is an audio program that often has interviews and guest appearances with personalities within the industry. It usually announces PlayStation Store previews and PlayStation content. Player queries from PSN users are also answered through a podcast.

With PSN, users can expect high-quality online service. It is specifically designed to serve its purpose of making online gaming with PlayStation more fun and exciting for everyone. It lets people experience extraordinary entertainment with PlayStation games, music, movies, TV shows and many more. Avid users can expect a row of unlimited possibilities with PSN.


Contest Winner Of This Month

warhammer contest

It is about time. Never did I think that it would be soon that I would get to this, but it is now time. I would very much like to say sorry about what happened last month when we were picking the winner. Johnny was just extremely busy with some of his work, and sadly he couldn’t manage to meet up here and talk about the future of Warhammer movies.

But we are very proud to announce that we have picked a winner for this month. And you must trust us when we say this: we have litterally been through hundreds of applications and videos, to find the one that you guys were asking for. And today we are very proud to announce that we found it for you. It wasn’t a task that was very easy, and we sometimes had to stop playing our video games just to get enough time to watch the videos. But we gotta say that it is always fun to watch the user videos and how everyone have went around doing them. We are very sure that we picked the best one that has ever been made, and we are now ready to announce the winner. The winner and winning guild is the Hanlion guild who spent a long time working on a video that would soon prove to be one of the best submissions that we have seen for years. Huge credits to them.